Integrity and service

The foundation is committed to the idea of service and ‘giving back’. It believes that education should promote high standards of personal integrity and autonomy in individuals: rooted in the importance of supporting those less privileged.

Equality of opportunity and social mobility

The foundation is committed to equality of academic and cultural opportunity and social mobility. It believes that a healthy society should enable equality of opportunity, and subsequent social mobility, particularly within educational institutions. The foundation is also committed to the promotion of music for educational growth and opportunity.

Freedom of speech

The foundation is committed to the idea of free thought, to free debate and liberal education.  It is also committed to lateral thinking and challenging assumptions and ideas. It believes that curiosity and free thinking should be encouraged in schools, universities and the workplace.

Human Rights

The foundation is committed to the protection of human rights. It believes that social progress depends on respect for human rights and that this can be achieved by ensuring that laws, policies and practices that represent the freely expressed will of the people are upheld.